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Backpacker Hotel Deluxe Capricorn is located in the middle of pure and beautiful nature; extensive old woods and mysterious lakes with high mountains in the background are surrounding the hotel. This terrain is very suitable for all kinds of group activities, both for educational as recreational purposes. The Rhine is starting practically behind the hotel and famous geological sites are surrounding the hotel.

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Possible activities and sites in the surrounding from Laax which are very suitable for school trips are listed for you underneeth:

Swiss National Park
With an area of 172 sq km, the Swiss National Park is the largest nature reserve and only national park in Switzerland. The region is in Engadin/Münstertal and encompasses alpine terrain at altitudes of 1,400 to 3,200 metres above sea level. The foundation of the Swiss National Park in 1914 was a milestone in the history of nature conservation. It was the first national park of the Alps and Central Europe, and is famed for its abundance of alpine flora and fauna in a pristine natural landscape.


Geologically, the National Park is situated in the Engadine Dolomites. Dolomite, a yellowish-grey rock, looks very similar to limestone. The sequence of dolomitic and limestone layers, which is more than 1000m thick, was developed from chemical and bio-chemical sediments that accumulated on the edge of an ocean over 200 million years ago. The climate then was dry and warm, similar to the present-day climate in the Persian Gulf.
Most of the rocks in the Park - sandstone, lime and verrucano - are sedimentary. Crystalline rocks such as gneiss or amphibolite are only found in the Macun area.

Source: Swiss National Park

Tectonic Arena Sardona (UNESCO heritage):

The Swiss Tectonic Arena Sardona in the north-eastern part of the country covers a mountainous area of 32,850 ha which features seven peaks that rise above 3,000 m. The area displays an exceptional example of mountain building through continental collision and features excellent geological sections through tectonic thrust, i.e. The process whereby older, deeper rocks are carried onto younger, shallower rocks. The site is distinguished by the clear three-dimensional exposure of the structures and processes that characterize this phenomenon and has been a key site for the geological sciences since the 18th century. The Glarus Alps are glaciated mountains rising dramatically above narrow river valleys and are the site of the largest post-glacial landslide in the Central Alpine region.

Source: UNESCO

Being one with nature
The pure and virgin nature which surrounds Backpacker Hotel Deluxe Capricorn invites to come to oneself. Many kilometers of old woods (one of the largest in Switzerland) mysterious lakes and the peaceful atmosphere from the mountains stimulate both children as teachers to open themselves and dive into the depths of their soul.

The Rhine

"Everything is in the flow" (Heraklion)

The Rhine symbols this beautifully; it starts in the mountains of Laax, as an impressive stream, deeply carved into the mountains, and makes a long way trough Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany and France to end up in the North Sea in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Everything on the side of the Rhine is connected by this long river.

The wild and impressive Rhine Gorge in between Ilanz and Reichenau is the perfect scenery for (professional) wild water sports like rafting, kayaking and funyaking.
Imagine floating together up tot nine participants on a rubber boat together with a guide on the wild streams, having breathtaking views and see crazy rock formations while trying to keep the boat under control insures a great experience! Funyaks are the easiest way to learne how to move on wild water river... only a few kilometers apart from Laax you can learn the first steps in Funyaking before you go on your first river ride...

Close to Backpacker Hotel Deluxe Capricorn there are three beautifull mountain lakes where can be swum: Lake Cauma, Lake Cresta and lake Laax.

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Canyoning  is following a stream through a narrow gorge whereby the stream is used to follow the gorge: sliding down beautiful rock slides, swim through clear pools, jump into the water (optional) and abseil through waterfalls.

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